Heart of a Lion is a feature documentary currently “in production” shooting in South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Canada, US and the UK, addressing the crises of  species extinction in Africa, with a  focus on Lions as representing the fragility of wildlife on this continent.

In October 2016, the World Wild Life Fund’s (WWF) “Living Planet Report” stated  “Global populations of wildlife species have plunged 60% since 1970 and Wildlife is disappearing within our lifetimes at an unprecedented rate."  It projects, if the current course is not dramatically altered, two-thirds of the wildlife population will disappear by 2020.  It cites the fundamental problem as “Human Beings”.

It is incomprehensible to consider the WWF statistics and the impact these losses will have on future generations.  The situation is so critical, the UK Telegraph recently reported Prince Harry as saying, “saving endangered animals is God's test for humanity and if we cannot save wild animals from extinction then humanity is in danger too”.

In 2015, the killing of Cecil the lion by a Minnesota dentist created a tsunami of emotion around the world.  While the global outcry did reduce international trophy hunting, a much larger industry for “lion bones” replaced the traditional use of ground up bones of the near extinct tiger with those of lions to feed the voracious Chinese market for “medicinal” Tiger Wine.

Heart of a Lion explores the disconnect between man and nature, the commodification of animals and wilderness, the economic and political forces behind the “bone trade”, “canned hunting” and the effect of human encroachment on wildlife habitat.   It investigates the dynamics of wildlife reserves, zoos, circuses, international trophy hunting, the African “muti” trade and, in the words of the eminent environmentalist David Suzuki, “the catastrophic course for our biosphere.”

The film looks at successful solutions as such “indicator species” as the Spirit Bear of coastal British Columbia, whose hard won conservation protected the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world. It examines the crucial role of indigenous tribes within these complex ecosystems, as well as the role of scientists and wildlife organizations in their herculean attempt to save the species and bring wildlife, man and nature into balance.

Documentaries do matter.  Recently, two high profile documentaries on the ivory trade, Gambling on Extinction and The Ivory Game, aided the mounting political pressure relating to the drastic decline of elephant and rhino populations, motivating the Chinese government  to announce it will end its domestic ivory trade by the end of 2017.   DOWNLOAD PDFCONTACT

This documentary is intended to bring awareness to the critical needs of the planet, recognizing that this is not just a crises for Africa but a major global issue.  In addition to presenting a reassessment of the ecology between man, nature, and wildlife, Heart of a Lion offers viable solutions to changing this destructive course.